Precision Pressure Washing Services

Leaves all your concrete surfaces spotless and free of debris.

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The End-All Sealing Solution

Hydro-Clean can help you protect your property investment with CRETO DPS, which permanently waterproofs concrete and ensures you’ll never need another treatment!

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Sealer-Creto DPS

Let our team PERMANENTLY waterproof your concrete surfaces with CREO DPS

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Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Clean and Pristine

Proudly serving residential and commercial property owners across the greater Milwaukee region since 1998, Hydro-Clean Inc. is a trusted pressure washing service that has the products and the skill to protect any concrete surfaces and give it a renewed appearance.

Locals rely on Hydro-Clean to also provide sensible concrete sealing and waterproofing solutions that help them protect the integrity of your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. CRETO DPS is an all-natural, odorless, silica base material. Once the concrete has been treated any acids that contact the surface will be neutralized – eliminating odors and stains. This keeps animal enclosures, like kennels and barns cleaner and healthier for the livestock within. Great for feed bunks and the concrete below them. Contact Hydro-Clean today for all your cleaning and sealing needs. Contact our team today for the latest and safest concrete cleaning and sealing solutions!

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Dog Kennels
  • Barns & Livestock Pens
  • Basements & Walls
  • Parking Lots

Take A Closer Look at the Results

We’ve got confidence in our products and our process at Hydro-Clean. Take a look at the images of CRETO DPS at work across Southeastern Wisconsin and the world..

Customer Reviews

"What a great improvement to my concrete patio and front porch for a very reasonable cost."

Maureen Mc C

"Andy explained things thoroughly and did a fantastic job. Patio looks better than ever! Excellent work!"

Rick W

"I have used Andy for years and the work gets better and better each year!! Great job!!"